The MBI Group was founded in 1989 in Vienna, Austria as a brokerage company in the lifestyle services sector.
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We were the first broker in Central Europe that expanded into Eastern Europe after the fall of the Iron Curtain – the first corporation to move into this region to provide them with personalized services.

Additionally, we were the first suppliers of personalized services guided by a future-oriented socio-economic mission.

Since our establishment in 1989, by Ing. Alexander Schaufler, MBI has acted independently, ensuring our clients get exactly what they require. MBI consists of 21 companies in 7 different countries, with the headquarters in Austria.

The MBI Team places a strong emphasis on experience, optimization, and expertise, which has allowed us to create a great reputation focused on transparency and client protection.

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, global public health has never been as much of a focal point as it is now. As nations worldwide struggle with overburdened health systems and worsening economic situations, states must ensure their health systems are strengthened and fortified in anticipation of future pandemics. 

This is particularly important for developing nations, which must construct stable and reliable relations to producers and suppliers, ensuring access to medicines. 

Taking this into account, MBI will provide governments, NGOs, etc. with a direct supply of medical treatments, vaccines, and medicines from world-renowned manufacturers at competitive prices.

This is possible through our contractual relations with the manufacturers of these licensed antivirals and vaccines, and our experience and partnerships, which allow us to act as an intermediary.

By doing so, MBI will increase the access of the developing world to life-saving vaccines and medications at reasonable prices.

Our mission is straightforward:

Increasing accessibility for the most vulnerable populations, through acting as a broker, by providing access to licensed medical products directly from globally well-known producers.

The vision we have:

Is to expand the access of vulnerable populations to licensed medical treatments.

Our core concepts center around 3 values: future-oriented, credible, and competent.


Through our partnerships, we strive to provide the newest, most technologically advanced products to people, created in state-of-the-art laboratories by the leading minds of the field. We also focus on prevention, ensuring the future health of our clients is secured through providing access to their personalized genetic profile.


We only deal with licensed products and world-renowned and internationally-recognized partners, ensuring our clients receive only the best of the best.


We have been dedicated to assisting people in elevating their living standards, and helped them create a better life for themselves, since 1989.